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Seed planting and saving

So I planted my first seeds of the season today.


Most of them I collected from plants I grew last year.  Just different tomatoes and peppers, but still felt wonderful! 

I have been reading all I can about saving seeds, feels important to me to learn.  Some things like root veggies are quite involved and require a couple of years to complete. Other seeds like tomatoes and peppers are a breeze.

Our seed banks world wide are becoming less and less diverse, loosing many of our heirloom varieties.  It is a good idea to grow as many of these scarce plants as we can and save the seed to keep what biodiversity we still have access to.

This year I plan on saving as many different seeds as I can, organic and non-hybrid of course.  Relearning what our ancestors knew about growing and maintaining your own food year after year. 

Of course in permaculture the focus is on the perenial veggies and fruits, this is my main focus also.  The perenial garden is where our true security lies.


Problem equals solution

Permaculture focuses on solutions.  Stating that within every problem lies a solution. 

We are challenged to keep our focus on solutions even when faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles and frightening problems, such as climate change and peak oil. 

This winter we have had more snow which makes me happy and two major melts in January which makes me alarmed.  We had several fifty degree and sixty degree days, needless to say highly unusual for Michigan in January. 

I keep envisioning our world healed and full of diversity and doing all I can in my little piece of it to bring this about. 


On mornings like this after a foot of snow falls and waking up to find a world full of tiny chrystal lights, I am sure we will all do the right thing for ourselves and our planet. 

I have a strong sense that if we continually focus on solutions and how we want the world to be as apposed to what’s in front of us we will manifest that very thing.

It’s a process

It’s a process is my mantra lately.


This winter seems incredibly long, well it did until Owen showed up.  My grandson arrived on January 7th and he is beautiful and a beautiful distraction.

After working outside for much of the day, on most days, for three months straight sitting around looking at seed cataloques just wasn’t cutting it. 

Then along came Owie and I am now very greatful that I am not in the throws of the planting season.  I have the time to spend with him while he is little and he will be big enough in the spring to take along with me. 

I love it when things work out for the best. Another reminder to go with the flow and remember that it is a process to be enjoyed every step along the way.

Healing the planet one garden at a time is a worthy goal and one to be cherished and savored.

Waiting for baby

My grandson is due to arrive tomorrow and I am very excited to welcome him. 

The anticipation is almost overwhelming and I find that I cannot consentrate on much of anything else. 

He is the first grandchild on both sides so his feet will probably never touch the ground! 


This picture is another from the foot of snow we received just after Christmas. 

Because of drifting it was close to two feet in areas and is very difficult to walk around in. 

I have shoveled a path out to the chickens and around to the green house and that is it. 

I am a bit worried about my fruit trees because the snow is above the plastic protectors I have to keep the bunnies away.  So far they are leaving them alone thanks to the pears tree pruning I piled up along the property line.  They are devouring them and keeping away from my plantings.  I could put more protection around the new fruit trees, but I don’t want to give them a path by tromping out there.  They are using the paths that I have already made. 

So many things to think about and protect and anticipate! 

Life has abundant meaning in this moment.

Snaffoo number two

Did I say I liked snow?!  Well I do, but apparently it doesn’t like me. 

We received over a foot of the stuff yesterday, it is beautiful , fun and very heavy! 

My little green house was no match for it. 


I was so happy to be getting a big snow, something we used to get regularly in the winter here in Michigan, but not so much in recent years, that I forgot to make sure my green house was free of it.  It bounced back after I shoveled the snow off,  but not with out casualties.  Some of the supports were broken and will need to be repaired,  but will have to wait till spring.


The beauty of the snow and the much needed water on the land was enough for me to keep my happy disposition though. 

Gorgeous, gorgeousness!

Happy Holidays!

One of the first tennents of permaculture is to observe the land.


Well now, I love walking on the land during good weather, but rarely do I venture out when the forcast is less than perfect, until now that is.  I have begun walking around visiting every tree shrub and plant that I have added over the last few months. 


I feed the chickens and watch them for a bit as they are so entertaining and then I stroll around giving my blessing to the plant life around us.

We had another snow, about 3 inches, yesterday and the landscape changed so amazingly looking almost like an alien thing.  What a different perspective you get walking around than just looking out of the window. 

It has also become a form of meditation and gives a lightness to my day when I take the time to wander.  I bless the land and it blesses me. 

Have a wonderful holiday season everyone and lets make this new year one to remember!

A very local Christmas

Buying local for Christmas this year has been a revelation.

I expected to feel good about it, but I didn’t expect it to be so much fun!


I have met so many cool people and neighbors and have established friendships that will last far past the season. 

The gifts I have purchased for the people on my list are gifts from the heart and not just more stuff.  From sweaters and scarfs made from the wool of alpacas from an alpaca farm just down the road from us to goats milk soap I got from from a close friend who makes it using goats milk from her own goats.  

I also bought some home spun pottery dishes and a neat yarn despensing bowl from a local pottery maker.  I found candles made by physically challenged citizens and a rug that wasn’t made locally, but is a free trade item and sold by a local shop owner. 

It feels amazing getting off the consumerism tread mill!