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It’s a process

January 22, 2013

It’s a process is my mantra lately.


This winter seems incredibly long, well it did until Owen showed up.  My grandson arrived on January 7th and he is beautiful and a beautiful distraction.

After working outside for much of the day, on most days, for three months straight sitting around looking at seed cataloques just wasn’t cutting it. 

Then along came Owie and I am now very greatful that I am not in the throws of the planting season.  I have the time to spend with him while he is little and he will be big enough in the spring to take along with me. 

I love it when things work out for the best. Another reminder to go with the flow and remember that it is a process to be enjoyed every step along the way.

Healing the planet one garden at a time is a worthy goal and one to be cherished and savored.


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  1. We will look into our equally problematic air quality realities and how to address them.
    Her passion was her work and she had little energy at the end
    of the day to focus on preparing good food. And then there’s biodynamic farming, which
    protects the environment itself – it ensures that foreign materials and processes are not introduced into a specific geographic region where
    they may cause problems with soil fertility, contamination,
    or anything else that would affect the long term cultivation of
    tea in the area.

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