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Happy Holidays!

December 22, 2012

One of the first tennents of permaculture is to observe the land.


Well now, I love walking on the land during good weather, but rarely do I venture out when the forcast is less than perfect, until now that is.  I have begun walking around visiting every tree shrub and plant that I have added over the last few months. 


I feed the chickens and watch them for a bit as they are so entertaining and then I stroll around giving my blessing to the plant life around us.

We had another snow, about 3 inches, yesterday and the landscape changed so amazingly looking almost like an alien thing.  What a different perspective you get walking around than just looking out of the window. 

It has also become a form of meditation and gives a lightness to my day when I take the time to wander.  I bless the land and it blesses me. 

Have a wonderful holiday season everyone and lets make this new year one to remember!


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  1. Hi, Micki — beautiful comments from you. We had more snow than they had in town, but it was still pretty blustery. I hadn’t put anything on Uncle Ron’s site, so I did that yesterday. Lynne Anne and Ashton met me there. It was special. Hope to do my cross-country trails tomorrow! Much love, Aunt Mickey xoxo

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