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Transition Ho!

December 4, 2012

We held our first Transition Blue Water meeting a few days ago and I left my laptop there.  I couldn’t get it back till now hence the long delay between posts.

Image Speaking of the transition meeting I believe I will!

It was a huge success!  Twelve people showed up and were very on board after viewing the movie on transition called “Transition 2.0”.  This is a movement developed by the Permaculture teacher Ron Hopkins from the UK.  It is a way for communities to become more resilient in these times of economic uncertainty, climate change, and peak oil. I read about it online and fell in love with its concepts of unity and cooperation.


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  1. My Toshiba tablet doesn’t like woodpress so it is difficult for me to post and yesterday it wouldn’t let me edit either grrrr. I wanted to add that it feels so good to be doing something to help the earth and my neighbors. I believe it is on the local level that we can make the most impact by growing forest gardens, powering down and getting off the more is better consumer model wagon. I am very heartened by the response I am getting from nearly everyone I have talked to about the transition initiative movement, this is an idea who’s time has come! Micki 🙂

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