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Grandma remembered

November 23, 2012

This is my grandmothers wringer washer.


I couldn’t part with it after she passed, it reminds me of her and simpler times.

I plant flowers and vines in it in the summer and it brings me and, I think, anyone who sees it great joy!

My grand mother lived in three centuries, being born in 1898 and making her transition in 2001. She was a tough old bird as my dad liked to say.   Living through the great depression and having to endure five days of labor to deliver my dad, needless to say my father is an only child, is enough to make anyone a bit rough around the edges.

I started thinking of my grandma the other day when I was out in my yard planting trees.  I remembered when I went to visit her when I was twenty something and told her I was running three miles a day.  My grand mother was unimpressed saying “Why if you want some excercise why don’t you go in the yard and pick some weeds.”

I thought she was ridiculous at the time, but now I completely see the sense in what she was saying.  My excercise routine these days is just that, working in the yard.

Wisdom of those who have gone before us should be greatly revered and appreciated.

We have so much to relearn!


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  1. I remember her well, and she was a tough cookie, with a mind of her own. She didn’t like Catholics, but I guess Uncle Ron and I were different, because she liked us. ;o)

    • Oh this made me laugh. I never heard her say she didn’t like Catholics, but it doesn’t surprise me! Haha

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