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Connecting the dots

November 17, 2012

Converting three acres to permaculture may not sound like alot, but when you are standing in a field behind your house the size of a couple football fields it can seem insurmountable.

I decided that I would start with what I already had and just start adding to it.

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Yesterday was a beautiful day here in eastern Michigan and being Michigan I didn’t know how many more of them we will have before next spring.

Much mulching was in order and with it the beginnings of paths began to take shape.

Placing cardboard as the first layer to cut down on weeds without turning the soil has been a wonderful awakening for me.  Not only is it much less effort, I can do it quickly and by myself, it is great for the earth too. When you leave the earth alone you don’t disturb the fragile eco system below the grass with all of its beneficial microbes, bacteria and worms!

What has been a revelation to me is how beautiful everything looks all tucked in for the winter.

By the way that smiley face by my pear trees is a curved row of strawberries I just transplanted.

I think my land looks happy!

  1. nancy permalink

    what about golf?!

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