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A change in focus…

November 15, 2012

Or as I like to call it, finding new c words.


Instead of capitalism we may use community, no I do not mean communism.  Where we shift our focus from supplying the entire country or even the whole globe to smaller more manageable areas closer to home.

Being competitive becomes being in cooperation with one another. Deciding what is good for the whole and not maybe just what is good for stock holders.

From consumerism to conserving.  Thinking before making that next purchase, where will this go in my home and do I already have something that would do. It is time to jump off the more is better wagon and jump on to the make a better world train!

If everyone decided today to make small changes in focus we could turn this run away train around or at least slow it down.  It might give us the time we need to make the bigger changes and come up with new innovative ideas for moving forward in a compassionate, way, for us and the earth.  Compassionate another great c word!

How about starting with buying local for Christmas this year.  My sister and I made a pact with each other to purchase as many presents as we can locally.  We started last week and it was so much fun!  Afterward, while we were eating lunch, we thought about mall shopping and we both felt the let down in energy.  The people in the stores in our town were nice and helpful and we even knew some of them.  Such a difference.  This change was painless and easy and really fun!


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  1. Is that the Scottish in you, Micki? It is in me. ;o)

  2. My Scottish comes out all over the place! I adore the Celt in me and in you!

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