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What I’ve accomplished so far

November 10, 2012

Way more than I thought I would!

I started in July with my zone one garden, sheet mulching and making a path.

Then I created a path into the woods and started excavating the pond.

I then purchased two french angora bunnies and made an area for them in our basement where they still happen to be.  We also purchased three chickens and made a coop and run for them.


Then I sheet mulched half of the main garden in zone two.  After that I purchased two holly bushes and planted them on the west side of the house.

Then I pruned my forsythia bush and started many new slips and pruned my pear trees also, which you can see in the picture.  I really went to town on them, but they were sorely neglected.

I then added two more blueberry bushes and planted a row of willow slips so I can create a fedge next summer.

After that I sheet mulched an area south of the main garden and made four long growing beds.

I then put up my green house and planted that with veggies.

Then I recieved a shipment of 27 trees and bushes and canes and planted them and mulched some of them. I am still in the process of finishing the rest of the mulching.

Today I finshed sheet mulching the other half of the main garden using a slightly different technique.  It will be interesting next year to see which one works the best.  whew makes me tired just thinking about all that I have done, it also makes me very happy!


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  1. Wow! You really have been busy! What a joy it will be in the spring to see it all coming back to life.
    Are you going to keep your bunnies in the basement? Congratulations on all your work! Patti

  2. Thanks Patti I can’t hardly believe it myself! The bunnies are going to stay in the basement for the winter I do take them out most days for a romp in the grass. In the spring I am hoping to build something outside for them.


  3. Hope things are progressing well! Look forward to more posts. What’s your favorite permaculture literature?

    • Thanks for visiting! As far as literature goes I must confess to learning most of what I know about permaculture from you tube. I went to my local Barnes and Nobles but they didn’t have any books on permaculture. I would love to take a design course at some point. I am doing the best I can with the knowledge have gleaned so far. Just feel as if we have no time to loose! Do you knôw of any good ones?

  4. Thanks! I will have to pick that up.

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