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Snaffoo number one…

November 6, 2012

So two of my hens, named for my grandmothers Willamena and Winnefred, will now be called just Willey and Fred.

Thats right two out of the three hens I bought are roosters!

!  Image

I wanted to be mad, but after a quick google search I found out how almost impossible a task it is to tell them apart when they are little.

It is obvious now that they are 5 months old, but little ones look pretty much the same.

I have Barred Rocks and they are easier to tell apart than most other breeds, their feet are different and there are other tell tale signs, but it is still pretty much a crap shoot.

So if you know someone who wants a nice rooster let me know.   I am keeping one, but I think in this case two’s a crowd.


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