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Yay Trees!

October 31, 2012

My first shipment of trees arrived and I planted them yesterday which was interesting with Sandy breathing down my neck!

I wanted to get them in quick to give them the best chance to survive the winter.  It was cold and wet and windy, but I was so excited about adding them to our design I hardly noticed.


Even though I planted 26 trees, shrubs and canes the saying “a drop in the bucket” came to mind when I finished with the planting.

I am waiting on an apple, pear, two peaches and two plum trees yet to be shipped.

Still so much space to cover, but now that I have the first group set in the ground I am filled with appreciation for these wonderful gifts of nature and can see the beginnings of my special piece of heaven on earth.

As you can see the mulching is waiting for a much nicer day!


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  1. My goodness, I give you a lot of credit. Those trees will do well, because they are happy to be in the ground, and they will have the strength to survive. (I have heard the more a tree is mutilated, the stronger it becomes, and that wind, rain and cold yesterday gave them a rough time.) ;o) I am still hauling leaves and needles back on my trails, and the wind blew off most of the leaves. Some are going in the compost.

  2. I sent them alot of love while I was planting them they are bound to do well. I am going to rake up a bunch of leaves for my compost too! The bounty of nature.

  3. Where do you get your trees? An on line Nursery? I am always looking for good places. And congratulations on your first orchard/ forest! Patti

  4. Yes I got them online Patti at Northern Trading Company. They were in very good condition when I got them so I am happy with them. We will see how they fair through the winter. Thanks for the encouragement I am so happy to finally get some trees in the ground!

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