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The great turning…

October 29, 2012

There are those who believe and I am one of them that we are in the midst of a great turning.  We are facing challenges today the likes of which we have never seen before.  Climate change, peak oil, and economic crisis effects the whole world.

Rather than cowering in the face of these challenges there is a grassroots movement afoot that is meeting them head on with positive action.


The transition movement which was started by a wonderful permaculture teacher named Rob Hopkins in the UK is alive and well here in the states as well.

We have several here in the state of Michigan and I intend to start another one in my home town!

This movement empowers communities to take on these challenges through localization, decent of power consumption and economic stratagies that promote keeping local money local.  This is all acheived in a very positive and inclusive manner. Bringing together local farmers, shop owners and local government in one common goal creating a resilient community.  One that isn’t dependant on food that is shipped from thousand miles away leaving us with a three days supply of the stuff if for some reason that shipping stops.  We are already feeling the effects of higher oil prices in our food bill.

If you are interested in learning more there are a couple web sites you may find helpful. and have tons of free downloads and pdf files to make use of!

Together we can create the eden I believe we are meant to live in!


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