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Nursing baby plants

October 27, 2012

In permaculture it is important to plant thickly and diversly so I am potting up lots of cuttings to introduce to the garden next spring.

This is my breezeway which is a three season room.

.Image Image

I will be moving most of my babies to the basement sometime in December.  The herbs, including that beautiful rosemary in the big pot will be moving to a sunny south window in my office where these herbs will reside this winter.  I use them almost every day to enhance ours soups and such, yum!

If you look close you will see mulberry tree and forsythia cuttings on the left of the rosemary.  I aso potted up a bunch of sedum which is on the right.   I plan to plant these babies where ever it will grow.

On the wall garlic chive seed heads are drying.   These babies are pretty prolific bordering on invasive, but I almost welcome this as I have so much space to cover, just need to stay on top of it.  Mint is the same way, I am looking forward to letting it have its way with me!

  1. Proud of you, Micki, but watch out for the Mint! I am bringing parsley inside. ;o) I do still eat meat, and after church tonight, I did a chicken breast in the microwave with lemon pepper. Then I concocted a large cup with homegrown tomatoes and peppers, and some celery, onions, carrots, and mushrooms. Yum.

    Now — Go Tigers!

  2. I also have a little “issue” with liking mint despite it having the ability to get away from me, I like the “chocolate mint” variety for flavor, but my 4′ tall “apple mint” is a real showstopper. I find as far as children are concerned mints can be a great gateway to the world of aromatic herbs, not to mention the fact that they also attract pollinators… Please keep the adventures coming, love the blog…

    • I can’t wait to extend my mint selection and what a great idea for kids! It feels good to share and thanks for visiting!

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