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Animals make me happy!

October 24, 2012

Animals have an important role or roles in a permaculture system of sustainability.  They can be a source of food, their droppings or manure when added to the vegetable garden can nourish the soil and veggies and they can also keep the weeds in check by munching them which also cuts down on feed costs.  

When everything is established in a permaculture garden or farm you can recognise the cyclical pattern of a sustainable life.

What I didn’t realize was how much joy and lovely distraction the animals bring to your day of working outside.  We are a vegetarian family so we decided on chickens and rabbits.


The chickens are Bard Rocks I purchased from a girl named Lexie who lives near me on a local farm.  She also sold me two very adorable 3 month old french angora rabbits.

The chickens named for our Grandmothers, Winnie, Lena, and Willie will provide eggs to eat, droppings to compost and will scratch the earth where I need it worked.  I want a few more, but will have to wait till the spring for them.

The bunnies I wanted for their wool.  They have to be plucked every 4 months.  Yep I said plucked!  They grow a new coat every few months and the old coat needs to be pulled out or they can choke on it.  Don’t worry this doesn’t hurt them, they even like it.  

They say they are bred to be nice and I can attest to that Blueberry and Pickle are very sweet and even cuddly.

Animals bring so much to the permaculture life which includes so much happiness!


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  1. I was just thinking this today. I got my girls as a first step to permaculture…for the poop and the eggs, and the fact that they will help with gardening. They haven’t laid yet though they have been generous with the poop! But I didn’t realize how much I would love them…how satisfying it is to watch them eat or scratch in the dirt..or how funny they would be. I have always had cats and dogs and had guinea pigs in my classroom when I was teaching….so I don’t know why it surprises me, but it just feels so right to have animals in your life. Patti

  2. My girls haven’t started laying yet either and I have cats too, however they are indoor kitties because of the fast traffic on our road. I guess I was surprised because they have such fun personalities which I didn’t expect in chickens and rabbits. Yes it does feel right having animals around! Thanks Patti 🙂

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