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Focus on nature

October 22, 2012

Sometimes I can get frustrated with what I see going on around me with regards to our environment.  Fracking , chemtrails, geoengineering, nuclear waste, and the like.  It can all seem pretty daunting.  What I have noticed is that since I have been spending more time out doors working with the land those feelings are improving.   It seems that as I focus on nature the love I have for our mother earth grows and grows.

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I believe that the more we focus on those feelings of love and appreciation of all life we will begin the healing process.

I also got a strong sense the other day that the diversity and design of permaculture is healing in itself and that the process protects the earth from the harmful chemicals they are dropping on us.  This was a very strong feeling and may be just a pipe dream, but I’m gonna hold on to it with everything I’ve got!

  1. What a beautiful day we had today. Yesterday, I decided to remove the annuals from a couple of cemetery sites and the Blessed Mother garden I do at St. Stephen in Port Huron. I was accompanied by a longtime friend, and he had never been north of Lakeport. I took him to Port Sanilac, and I know he enjoyed the scenery and my past as a child spending summers in that area. I added the annuals to my compost, and then covered with freshly raked leaves and some old compost. Today, I walked the trails, and nature was evident, with newly fallen branches and trees. I removed some, and hope to go back every day this week with loppers, clearing the way for cross-country skiing. (Hope we have more snow than we had last year.) We had fog this morning, and I heard the boat fog horns — something I loved hearing as a child before I got out of bed.

  2. Beautiful comment Aunt Mickey! I think you should have your own blog. 🙂

    • That wouldn’t work for me, but I love reading what you do. Do you do anything as putting bird seed out? I do, but the squirrels take more than the birds, I believe. I just worry about the birds not finding enough. I do have Autumn Olive, which the wild turkeys like.

  3. More power to you!

  4. Yes I feed the birds during the winter, but I am hoping to plant enough for the birds so I won’t have to suppliment their diet with extra seed in the future. I am glad you like my blog!

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