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More sheet mulching on a gorgeous fall day.

October 13, 2012

Still windy today, but at least it was warm when the sun wasn’t hiding under a cloud.

I have two major projects before the cold sets in, planting around thirty trees that I am expecting any day now, and sheet mulching a field for beds of grain an large crops.

I had a burst of energy today because of the last couple days of too cold and windy weather to work outside.  It felt so good to be progressing again my permaculture design!  I can really feel my strength gaining as I am able to stick to it and work faster than when I started this endeavor. ImageImage Here you can see the beginning of the first bed.  I put a layer of top soil mixed with compost right on top of the grass.  We have very sandy soil, like at the beach sandy, so I had a truck load of top soil delivered which a friend mixed with compost.

In the next picture you can see the different levels.  After the soil I put a layer of cardboard then another layer of top soil and then leaves, these happen to be sasafrass and birch, and finallly a layer of straw.  I finished two beds today, still have to put the wood chip paths in though.  Tomorrow weather permitting I will put in two more!

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  1. The garden is really coming on good. Sheet mulching like this is the very best way to start new beds and so easy!

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