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Holly planting

October 9, 2012

I bought a beautiful holly bush a couple of weeks ago and promptly found out that my holly was a female, they are the ones with the berries, and that I needed a male.  So back to the greenhouse I went and today I planted the male.Image

This is the beginning of my first path!  You can see how much planting I have to do to make this into a meandering path.  The little female holly bush is on the left and the taller male is on the right of course.

The heavily pruned bush to the left of the male is a forsythia that was here when we bought our house over thirty years ago.  It was very neglected and over grown so I cut it way back, we will see how it does next spring.  I am hoping to make a living arch with it.  I planted some cuttings to the left of the path they seem to be doing very well most of them have new growth.

The mulch is cardboard covered with wood chips.  I got the chips from a friend who owns a pallet rebuilding business, he gave me a truck load for free!  He also gave me a bunch of pallets which I built my chicken coop out of.  Our coop only cost around ten dollars to build.  The only cost was for the hardware, we had the wood that covers the pallet from an old building we tore down earlier.  Recycle and reuse baby!

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