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Waiting For Goats

IMG_0575-1.JPGThe bench I will sit on while admiring my goats.

IMG_0576-0.JPGThe milking platform I will use to milk my goats. Made from pallets with my two little hands, no help from hubby.

IMG_0574-0.JPGThe goat shed also made mostly from pallets with lots of help from said hubby. Now if I only had some goats… They will have to wait till after the wedding of our youngest next September.

IMG_0572-1.JPGThey are getting married under this big oak tree and I’m thinking goat bleating isn’t the ambiance they are going for during their vows


A Haven in Winter

Extending the growing season in the best possible way.

IMG_0562.JPGStill some work to do on the inside.

IMG_0565.JPGWill be so happy for a place to dig in the middle of winter.


Passive solar greenhouse

Our not quite finished passive solar greenhouse as it is now and and as it was being built. I have a few lovely cold loving edibles planted to see how they do. We have barrels to build a water wall, but they are probably not going to be in place before the weather turns cold. Definitely a labor of love.






Uncovered treasures

I bought my spring trees and two of them were apricot trees.

Apricots are a bit of a challenge to grow in Michigan.  They really don’t like our late frosts. 

One of the ways to compensate for this is to plant them on the north side of the house.  The thinking is that the cooler temperatures cause them to blossom later so they don’t get hit by a late frost. 

About ten years ago I let my husband talk me into burying a perfectly good stone fence in our back yard so it would be easier to mow.  I know, I know when you know better you do better.


Now that we are no longer mowing our three acres I decided to uncover the sweet stone fence and plant my apricots in front of it, and I am so happy I did! 


I just need to mulch and plant some lilies and other perenials around them. 

Oh and do a major repair job on the fence.  That’s OK I love projects.

Six new little hens, I hope!


I have been assured that these are all pullets, or hens this time.

I certainly hope so because I still have the three roosters, that’s right all three were roosters,  that I got thinking they were hens last fall.  You can see two of them in the background.  I am keeping them away from the little ones for now for obvious reasons.

I am only interested in keeping one rooster and am giving two of them to a good home.

I bought three Americaunas which lay green eggs and three brown egg layers, I love having different colored eggs!

I purchased the hens when they were only a couple of days old and so cute!

Now to pick the perfect chicken tractor design. There are so many to choose from any suggestions?

Garlick yes!

I have sixteen garlick plants up and looking fine.


I am excited because I haven’t had much success growing garlick before.

Using the no till method in permaculture seems to have been the trick.

I side dressed them with a little compost today so they are all ready for the growing season.

Now that I know this works I am going to grow masses of them next year!

Garlic is not only a very tasty veggie, it is an anti-inflammatory too.

In the lower left corner of the picture you can see my toad house I made from a busted flower pot.

Now if a little toad would just make an offer it’s all his!

I’m back and starting the growing season!

I have been hard at work starting seeds in my tiny greenhouse and have had some successes and some hard learning experiences. 


I have lots of lettuces that flourished, but starting tomatoes way early is not for the faint hearted. 

Some of my lettuce, cilantro and spinach made it through the winter which was a surprise, especially since my greenhouse collapsed.


My crocusses are in bloom and bring a much needed jolt of color in this still mainly brown landscape. 

I worked on the beds on my zone one garden up by the house and ended up with four long beds!  I can’t wait to start planting out.  Tomorrow I will plant peas and maybe some lettuces.


I also dug a swail at the top of the zone one garden.  This area is on a slope and gets alot of sun.  I am hoping the swail and mulches will help cut down on the watering.